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IT Relocation Services

Whether you are churning 10 staff members within your office, or relocating 5000 people to a completely new premises, the pressure to find the resources, experience and time to get the task done can be a challenge. ITFM provide qualified Team Leaders and IT engineers, custom designed and comprehensive Asset Log Sheets and the in depth knowledge about the task at hand to ensure that everyone is moved from A to B without fuss.

ITFM have executed some of the largest single phase IT Relocations in Australia. Our Engineers have Disconnected and Reconnected over 1000 PC’s in a 24 hour time frame on more than 10 occasions, and since our inception are proud to say we now have multiple 1000 + person office moves under our belt as well as regular 500 + moves and weekly moves of over 100 PC’s. Although the ‘big ones’ are great to showcase the size of project ITFM can deliver, we also have a number of clients who call us weekly to carry out their small churns, which can sometimes feature less than 10 people. Having become the preferred supplier to the banking and finance industries, we have successfully relocated a number of complex trading floor environments. ITFM appreciate the business critical and intricate nature of these departments which is why our clients continue to rely on our services to date.

IT Relocation Services

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IT Relocation Case Study

TFM was engaged to relocate approximately 1,000 staff from three locations within the Brisbane CBD to their new premises in Newstead. The main phase, phase 2, saw over 700 users being disconnected, relocated and reconnected within a 24-hour period.....

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