Quality Management Systems & Policies

Workplace Health and Safety Management

ITFM is committed to:

  • Providing a safe and healthy environment for employees, contractors and our clients to work in;
  • Fully integrating health and safety into all our operations and activities;
  • Continually improving safety performance;
  • Educating every employee and contractor to strive for a culture of individual and collective responsibility in achieving a ‘Target Zero’ with respect to incidents in the workplace.

Our safety management system is based on the systematic identification, assessment and control of hazards. Effective communication and consultation changes form a fundamental part of this management process, encouraging innovative means of reducing risk in the work environment.

Training and information is provided to assist staff in identifying health and safety hazards, leading to safe work practices both within the ITFM environment and externally. This policy reflects the value ITFM places on its people by endeavouring to protect the health, safety and welfare of all employees.

ITFM specifically recognises the need to ensure that:

  • Statutory requirements are fulfilled. In particular,the provisions of the relevant occupational health and safety legislation applicable to ITFM and its operations are satisfied, and all relevant codes of practice are adopted and accepted as the minimum standard;
  • Adequate instruction in safe working procedures is provided to employees and that they are informed of any hazard to their well-being and health which may be known to be associated with the work in which they are involved;
  • All employees and contractors are required to undertake project specific inductions, engage in toolbox talks, and complete Safe Work Method Statements (SWM’s) and or JSA’s (Job Safety Assessments) for each project. These processes are constantly spot-checked by random audit and site inspections are undertaken by our management staff during projects.

Risk management is an essential element for good corporate governance

Quality Management

ITFM has developed a proprietary web-based platform to centrally manage our Quality Assurance, Workplace Health and Safety, Environmental, and Risk Management systems.

This platform allows all employees, management and executives to access the processes and procedures they need to perform their roles. It is also used as a means of communicating and providing feedback within the organisation. This communication matrix is completed by providing key personnel with leading edge, cross- platform communications technology that allows ITFM to remain a market leader.

Risk Management

ITFM operates a Risk Management Policy across all its project and business activities. ITFM practises continual risk management using a step-by-step process involving the identification, analysis, evaluation, treatment, monitoring and review of risks as defined under the Risk Management Policy.

ITFM recognises that the aim of risk management is not to eliminate risk completely, but rather to provide the structural framework to effectively manage the risks involved in all activities. The degree of risk ITFM faces at any one time is derived from the likelihood of an event occurring combined with the severity of the consequences should an event occur. We believe risk management is an essential element for good corporate governance and good management practice. A strategic and formal approach to risk management improves decision making, encourages positive outcomes, and enhances accountability.

Environmental Management

Our environmental policy states that ITFM will:

  • Continually improve its environmental performance, prevent pollution and responsibly minimise and control its waste
  • Plan, construct and operate all locations to comply with applicable regulations
  • Commit to remarket or repurpose assets entrusted to us by our clients, strive for zero material to landfill, and maximise material recovery for recycling
  • Wherever possible, source its products from either:
    • recycled or recovered materials, or
    • virgin products which are made from sustainable resources and from compliant suppliers
  • Help conserve resources by designing and manufacturing products to reduce the use of raw materials, packaging and energy in manufacture, and by recycling production wastes
  • Communicate openly and constructively with responsible environmental interests, government authorities and the community generally
  • Dispose of all e-waste and hazardous materials ethically and comply with regulatory and best-practice processes

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