Seamless Integration with Business Support

The workplace is continually evolving. As it becomes more agile, so too must its suppliers. ITFM has recognised this shift and has responded by creating a multi-skilled workforce supported by state-of-the art facilities and resources. Our range of workplace services is designed to meet the changing needs of Business Support, working with Property, HR, FM and IT in perfect harmony.

The changing workplace

Traditionally, the four departments were separate and distinct, each having their own cost centres with their own budgets and their own supplier engagement and outsourcing strategies. Now they work together recognising that, in the new world of agile environments – involving flexible workspaces, The Internet of Things (IoT), big data and the Cloud – and the change in the way we all engage in the retail world, a fresh approach is needed. Companies are now evolving their business support strategies to incorporate key changes in the way they operate:

  • Property and FM have shifted their focus from the building themselves, to the people who work there;
  • IT has moved away from in-house infrastructure and hardware to co-location data centres using virtualisation and cloud-based services;
  • HR has observed the high-touch customer service experience on the high street & replicated this experience for its employees.

Most importantly companies have unified the four departments to create ‘Workplace Services’. In the digitally driven business environment this structure is rapidly becoming the model of choice.

Anticipating and responding to change

Our extensive experience working closely with Corporate, Retail, Financial and Government clients providing Workplace Services has uniquely positioned us to react to their changing environments. With cutting edge strategies, solutions and skills developed over many years in the business, we can respond to the most challenging requirements at short notice:

  • From cutting edge corporate concierge services, to resources and expertise for data capture & asset management projects;
  • From recruitment and project management to office relocations, data centre migrations and IT support;
  • From sustainable solutions for asset disposal and data destruction to lifecycle asset management, warehousing and storage.

How ITFM Works in Harmony with the Four Pillars of Workplace Services

  • One Vendor
  • Central Communications
  • Simplified Engagement Model
  • Central Point of Contact
  • Leveraged Cost Savings and Discounts

Who We Are

With over 15 years’ national and international experience behind us, we have created a brand that is renowned for premium-quality service, reliability and flexibility. That’s why some of the biggest names in Australia and global brands have put their trust in us to look after their most important projects.

ITFM operates throughout Australia and our international experience extends to NZ, Asia Pacific, UK, and Eastern Europe. We now serve over 500 clients.

A tailored approach based on core principles

ITFM’s strength lies in our ability to adapt to the changing needs of the workplace by truly listening to our clients’ requirements. With the right people on hand to identify a strategy and an approach for achieving a successful outcome, we are able to draw on our vast experience to find the right solution for those requirements. There are no ‘one-size-fits all’ solutions. Every project is different, but as long as the solution is based on our core principles, every project can be successful.

Those principles and our expertise are what make ITFM different. We are passionate about adding value to our clients. We will never say ‘Yes’ because we think that’s what the customer wants to hear. If our experience tells us there is a better way to achieve the desired outcome, we will share this knowledge to improve the chance of success.

Rising to the challenge

Our proven expertise, and our ability to adapt to the many and varied needs of today’s business environment, allow us to take on all manner of projects, no matter how complex or challenging.

We have also provided national IT, logistics, HR, relocations, and project management services to one of Australia’s ‘Big Four’ banks for almost a decade.

Our mission is to offer a high-quality service that is tailored to individual customer requirements and based on consultation and collaboration.

We aim to deliver to a consistent and repeatable standard at all times. Our emphasis is on traditional customer service values and a genuine desire to constantly improve and innovate to ensure client requirements are met and exceeded.

Why we’re different

ITFM is unique in providing end-to-end solutions for business needs. We have pooled our experience and expertise to create a service offering that spans the range of core business services.

Based around four key pillars – Agile, Technology, Transitions, and Sustain – which underpin our range of Workplace Services, our solutions are designed to help our customers meet their objectives while adding real value at every stage. We provide highly qualified staff, state-of-the-art equipment, and tailored solutions as standard. Our promise is that our customers can carry on their business as usual, no matter how complex the project.

What makes us different

ITFM has made a conscious decision to be different. Being different helps us to better meet the needs of our customers. Our unique end-to-end solutions are designed to make every project easier for our customers to manage.

By liaising with just one provider and a single point of contact, customers find that their projects run more smoothly,communication is improved, and expertise is readily available for any requirement.

Our ground-breaking service offering is underpinned by our 6 core principles

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Specialist staff

We pride ourselves on the quality of our people. Our teams of technical, logistics and project management professionals are amongst the best in their field. Their unique backgrounds enable us to provide end-to-end support across all our projects. All our staff embrace our culture of customer support and apply our proven methodologies to every project they work on.


Our stringent screening process for our senior staff ensures that we only engage professionals with the right qualifications for the individual tasks they will be working on. All of our IT engineers have a solid background in computer science and possess a wide range of skills outside of IT as well. Our senior engineers also have significant industry experience which enables them to work on even the most complex data centre migrations. ITFM have invested heavily in Agile project
management methodologies, all our senior employees including Directors, Sales, Management, HR and Operations must obtain a minimum of APMG AgilePM® foundation level. This business wide commitment to a central framework ensures the entire ITFM team are in unison to deliver your project needs.

Innovation and design

Where others see problems, ITFM sees opportunities to innovate. We have designed specialist equipment to facilitate some of the more challenging features of the job. This includes developing neoprene computer wraps and plastic crates to improve the sustainability aspects of the projects we work on. We are first-to-market with specialist equipment, systems and processes. As a result of our development work we are considered a market leader and industry benchmark.

Market leader

We are proud of our market leader position and we strive to maintain that position at all times. Everything we do has to be done to stringent processes and standards. We also ensure that we adapt quickly to market changes and stay ahead of technological advancements.

Premium product

ITFM is proud to offer a premium product. The services we offer provide our customers with the confidence and certainty that their projects will be executed professionally, to their specifications, and on time. We go to great lengths to ensure that the expertise of our staff, the rigour of our processes, and the quality of our equipment are of a consistently high standard.


‘No’ isn’t in our vocabulary. Our can-do attitude seeks to find ways to solve problems or respond to urgent requirements. We can usually find the right skill sets and manpower to accommodate any needs with a couple of days’ notice. We thrive on challenges. Every problem we encounter we see as a challenge, and every challenge has a solution.

We’re a highly experienced provider, ready to serve you

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