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Position Statement

ITFM’s continued success and strategy for growth is reflected in the financial position of the organisation. Since its inception in 2007 the company has reported year-on-year growth and continues to demonstrate an upward trend into the future.

There are robust systems and management structures in place to accommodate current growth and the future growth expected. The company is trading solvent and has sufficient capital to continue to do so. ITFM’s debt-to-asset ratio is currently 19% (as at Q3 2015). We do not expect that to change in the near future. There are no current liabilities within the business that cannot be met when they fall due and payable.

ITFM maintains the following standard insurance policies and types of covers
Combined Professional Indemnity / Public & Products Liability
per conveyance
Carrier Liability Insurance**Available on request, additional fees apply
As per state requirements
Workers Compensations
Motor Vehicle

Other Important Information

ITFM Services Pty Ltd. ABN 50 128 908 261.
Registered Address : L34 AMP Centre, 50 Bridge Street
Sydney, NSW 2000

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